VMware Certification program updates

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VMware recently updated the VCP certification family, adding a new exam for the End User Computing/EUC/View/Horizon View product family.

What used to be just “VCPx” with x designating the major release number of ESX/ESXi covered on the exam has branched out into five exams and three certifications, one cert in each technology “silo”:

Data Center
Exam testing center exam code: VCP510
Covers ESXi5.x and vCenter5.x
Qualifies for the VCP5-DCV certification

IaaS (also called VCP-IaaS exam)
Exam testing center exam code: VCPVCD510
Covers vCloud Director 1.5
Requires another VCP (VCP5-DCV or VCP5-DT)
Qualifies for VCP-Cloud certification

Exam testing center exam code: VCPC510
Covers vCloud Director 5.1 and vSPhere Suite 5.x
Qualifies for VCP-Cloud certification

End User Computing
VMware View Exam (also called VCP5-DT exam)
Exam testing center exam code: VCP510-DT
Covers View 5.x
Requires another VCP (VCP5-DCV or VCP-Cloud)
Qualifies for VCP5-DT certification

Exam testing center exam code: VCPD510
Covers Horizon View 5.x and vSphere Suite 5.x
Qualifies for VCP5-DT certification

So exam names:
VCP5-DCV, IaaS (or VCP-IaaS), VCP-Cloud, VMware View Exam (or VCP5-DT) and VCP-Desktop

Certification names:

Make sure you are using the latest blueprint to study when you are working towards a certification.

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