VMware Certification for vSphere 6

VMware posted up a new Certification Roadmap for 2015 that has a slew of changes.

The VCP-level certification will now have two exams:
“Foundation” exam that is online and covers the basics of vSphere/virtualization. This will not grant you a certification.
“Elective” exam that (combined with the Foundation) will grant the VCP-level certification.

This is actually not a new idea. When VCP4-DT launched (followed by VCP-IaaS) they were 85-question “add-on” exams. You were required to have VCP4 or later 5 first. Passing this exam granted the second VCP-cert.

However, that required Desktop and Cloud candidates to pass two exams. So later 135-question “standalone” exams for Cloud/Desktop and Networking were launched that included vSphere components and didn’t require VCP5-DCV first.

VCP5-DCV was then blown up to 135 questions to match the others.

“Foundation” will take care of the basic vSphere requirements, and for those clamoring for a pop-quiz on the vSphere ICM class, this should satisfy.

The “elective” exams should then go back down to around 85 questions and focus on their particular area.

No info on availability or pricing yet.

Note that the numbering is now back. While VCP-Cloud covered exams on vCD 1.5, 5.1, 5.5, vCAC 5.5 or 6, there is now a number in the name of the certification. Also, the certification names now are all acronyms for their solution track which matches the VCIX and VCDX in that track.

The VMware Certified Advanced Professional name has been retired, replaced by VMware Certified Implementation Expert.

Now instead of one 3+hr design exam-and-certification and one 3+ hr admin exam-and-certification there will be one certification requiring two exams. The good news is the design exam will be shorter, tho how much shorter is not clear yet. (Note: the language on the roadmap about the Design exam being shorter has been removed.)

The cost per exam will be the same, $400 ea in the US, which makes the certification at least $800.

There will be some sort of upgrade path for candidates with both VCAPs in a particular track. If you only have one VCAP, say design, pass the VCIX admin exam in that track to be granted VCIX status.

So, VCAP5-DCD + VCIX-DCV (admin exam) = VCIX-DCV

No launch dates for new exams or retirement dates for old exams have been announced.

Note that while previously passing a VCAP exam extended your VCP expiration date out two years you will need to pass both VCIX exams (or upgrade to VCIX, see above) to extend your VCP recertification date.

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12 Responses to VMware Certification for vSphere 6

  1. azaryr says:

    In regard to last paragraph, Is it effective immediately? I.e. if you pass VCAP exam within next few months your VCP exam will not be extended for another 2 years?

  2. I am really happy that there will be upgrade path for existing VCAP.

    • Steve Lavoie says:

      As I am 50% prepared for vcap-dcd, should I do it or wait for the new design exam…

      • Do you have DCA already? If so, I would hold off so you take one exam (VCIX-DCV design) and get the latest cert.

        No DCA? Are you planning on taking the admin exam? If no, take DCD now so you get a cert. VCIX-DCV design by itself will not get you certified.

  3. Mordock says:

    I can’t say I am real thrilled about an $800 VCIX certification. I can only hope that the new DCD is better than the last one. I really don’t think anyone with real-world knowledge of design best practices could pass that exam. You had to sit the VMware class and learn their messed up best practices to get thru it. I truly believe that who-ever wrote that exam had no experience what-so-ever with real-world best practices.

  4. Not sure I like not having the individual VCAPs standing on their own.. VCIX is great and keep it for sure, but some people may only require the DCA portion for a job etc. and will never need the design portion. This is effectively holding their accreditation hostage unless they fully finish it. I understand it’s their certs and they can do as they like, but it does play a role in people’s lives/jobs. Just MHO

  5. russ oconnor says:

    Any news on when we will see the blueprints for these exams, I’m preparing for dcd and asume that 85% of the material will be same as the vcap… Is that a reasonable assumption?

  6. Mani says:

    Hi Community, I’m DCA 5.5 and preparing for DCD, planning to sit for exam in November this year. I’m bit confused with VCIX track. What should be the approach. Could you suggest. Should I wait for VCIX-design .

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