VCAP6-NV (VCIX6-NV) Sample Question 4

Sample Question Intro
HOL: HOL-1703-SDC-1 – VMware NSX: Introduction and Feature Tour
Prerequisites: None
Lab: Module 2 :ECMP and High Availability

Question 4

To improve North/South traffic reliability and throughput, add an additional Edge Gateway.

VMware web client login: administrator@vsphere.local / VMware1!

New Edge Services Gateway: Perimeter-Gateway-02
Password: VMware1!VMware1!
Enable SSH
Use the same placement settings as Perimeter-Gateway-01

Northbound connection:
Port Group: Uplink-RegionA01-vDS-MGMT
Name: Uplink
IP: / 24
BGP Local AS: 65001
BGP Neighbor:
IP Address:
Remote AS: 65002

Southbound connection:
Logical Switch: Transit_Network_01_5006
Name: Transit_Network_01
IP: / 29
OSPF Router ID: Uplink -
OSPF Area: 10
Ensure all routes will be dynamic.
Ensure the firewall allows all traffic.

Distributed Logical Router: Distributed-Router-01

vPod Router:
Credentials: (Saved in Putty)

1) Deploy the new router.
2) Ensure the new router will distribute routes Between OSPF and BGP
3) Ensure the environment will alternate Northbound traffic between the two ESGs
4) Use the show command from the DLR to display it’s OSPF neighbors and save the result to a text file on the desktop named ThisIsDoneInTheConsoleInHOL.txt
5) Use the vpod router to display it’s BGP neighbors with show ip bgp neighbors and save the output to a file on the desktop named ThisIsDoneInPuttyInHOL.txt

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