VCAP6-NV (VCIX6-NV) Sample Question 6

Sample Question Intro
HOL: HOL-1703-SDC-1 – VMware NSX: Introduction and Feature Tour
Prerequisites: If you performed Question 4, you need to delete the new edge (Perimeter-Gateway-02) and disable ECMP on the DLR and original Edge.
Lab: Module 3 : Edge Services Gateway : Edge Services Gateway Firewall

Question 6

As a security test, block access from the Main Console VM to the database servers at the North/South boundary.

VMware web client login: administrator@vsphere.local / VMware1!

Edge Services Gateway: Perimeter-Gateway-01
Rule name: Main Console FW Rule
Main Console IP:

1) Create a new IP Set named Main Console containing the IP address provided.
2) Create a new rule with a source of the new IP set that will prevent access to any current or future server on the same network as the Web servers even if the IP scheme of the web servers change in the future.
3) The rule can be tested by using the Customer DB App favorite in Chrome.

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