VCAP6-NV (VCIX6-NV) Sample Question 8

Sample Question Intro
HOL: HOL-1703-SDC-1 – VMware NSX: Introduction and Feature Tour
Prerequisites: None
Lab: Module 3 : Edge Services Gateway : L2VPN

Question 8

The development team has requested a VPN sever to allow tunnels into the Web Tier network.

VMware web client login: administrator@vsphere.local / VMware1!

New Edge Services Gateway: L2VPN-Server
Password: VMware1!VMware1!
Default gateway: / 24
Host: esx-05a.corp.local
Folder: Discovered virtual machine

IP address: / 29
Default gateway:

Trunk name: L2VPN-Server-Trunk
Trunk network: Trunk-Network-regionA0-vDS-MGMT

Trunk subinterface:
Name: L2VPN-Server-SubInterface
Tunnel ID: 1
IP Address: / 24
Logical switch: Web_Tier_Logical_Switch

Dynamic Routing:
ID: L2VPNServer-Uplink
Area: 0

Encryption Algorithm: ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384
Peer site name: HOLSite1
User ID: siteadmin
Password: VMware1!

1) Create a new ESG on the network between the North/South router and the DLR.
2) Ensure the firewall on the new ESG will not block traffic.
3) Configure the interfaces on the new ESG.
4) Configure OSPF for the new ESG and ensure routes will be redistributed to the VPN tunnel network.
5) Configure VPN for the ESG as specified.

Note: A client for testing will be created in a later lab.

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