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Building a VMware test environment

…just got easier as Microsoft has released their iSCSI software target as a free download. It’s been included with Storage Server, but now you can download it for any Windows 2008 R2 server (like the one you built in your … Continue reading

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What storage should I use? (was: FisherPrice of storage arrays)

The first SAN I worked on was an old Dell-branded EMC that Dell called the PowerVault 550 (=EMC AX100?). It had several interfaces that were all required to manage it, was complicated as hell and rock solid no matter what … Continue reading

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VMware iSCSI multipath (Round Robin) for Equallogic Part 2

Must read update for Equallogic multipath vSphere5 multi-path walkthrough Update: tag all Round Robin LUNs in one script Earlier I posted an entry about manually creating what you need for iSCSI multipath on vSphere 4.1 with an Equallogic storage array. … Continue reading

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Drobos and VMware

Quick post: If you buy the DroboElite because it’s on the VMware vSphere HCL and want to use VMware Data Recovery don’t add the space as an RDM. The Drobo is not compatible with the format scheme of the DR … Continue reading

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