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VMware NSX-T Quick Hits

NSX-T(ransformers) is a multi-hypervisor (ESX/KVM) cousin of NSX-V. Same SKU (if you own NSX-V 6.x, you own NSX-T 2.x). One NSX-T Manager can have multiple vCenters as “Compute endpoints” Standalone HTML5 client (not WebClient) NSX-T Edges can be VMs or … Continue reading

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Free NSX books from VMware

VMware NSX Micro-segmentation: Day 1 Guide VMware NSX Micro-segmentation: Day 2 Guide VMware Operationalizing NSX Automating NSX for vSphere with PowerNSX

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vSphere5: Setting the Observed IP Range

Update: I found a new free method.  Assuming you have Windows, run “ping xxx.xxx.xxx.255 -t” (or whatever the broadcast IP is for your subnet – try the online calculator if you’re not sure).  The result is identical to the pay-for tool above.  Note … Continue reading

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NetApp FAS2xxx / FAS3xxx 2 NIC Ethernet scheme

The NetApp FAS2020 was a pretty popular array, it had a very low price point, came with a lot of software and could handle a decent workload. The main problem was the lack of connectivity, a problem shared with many … Continue reading

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Jumbo vs Flow Control

Don’t forget to check your Ethernet switches for Jumbo vs Flow Control support and recommendations – and double check your config to make sure it matches. Some switches support both, some prefer one over the other – or you might … Continue reading

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