Ok this one has nothing directly to do with technology, but I was asked recently to make up a draft notice and was supplied with an jpg image that had been found on the Internet.

Here’s the Wiki entry on the notices.

After removing some of the information I came up with this “How-To” on making draft notices for friends and family:

Go to www.dafont.com and download L.C.Smith 5 Typewriter.  It will save as a .zip file.

Open the zip file and drag the “L.C. Smith 5 typewriter.ttf” file to your desktop.  Right-click the file and select “Install”

Then open the BlankDraftNotice.jpg -> using Paint.exe (you might want to save it to your desktop first)

Hit the “A” button in the toolbar (next to the paint bucket)

Select a large square area under the “To” approximately the size of the address

The toolbar will change to the Text menu

Choose L.C.Smith 5 Typewriter from the font dropdown.

Choose 28 from the number box under the font

Type the name and address.

Use the same technique to add in the reporting address on the dotted line

If you want, fill in the box on the top right using Lucia Sans in bold with 28point font.

Save with a new name


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