Discontinued VMware features

How many country singers does it take to change a lightbulb?
One to change it and ten to sing about the old one.

VMware vSphere 4.1 Update 1 was released today and it got me to thinking about some of the features VMware has quietly dropped.

The new 4.1 U1 release includes support to customize Windows 7 SP1, but Update Manager still can’t patch Win7 or Win2008 R2 and a closer look reveals that VUM as of the next “major release” won’t support any guest OS or application patching. I guess VMware decided it wasn’t enough of a differentiator vs other virtualization managers.

The other feature is one I used a lot – the ability to cold-clone a physical (or virtual) computer. For the last few years you could download an ISO of a boot CD with Windows PE and the VMware Convertor P2V client. It was my favorite way to convert systems because you knew there were no files open, databases being updated etc. Unfortunately vCenter 4.0 U2 is the last release that included this ISO. (so if it sounds good go grab it now – it’s in the downloads for vCenter 4.0 U2)

What do you think? Miss these tools? Thinking of other features (like >2TB RDMs)?

Update! Another one added to the list.
I received an email today (2/14/11) that VMware is discontinuing Lab Manager
As a result of this focus, we have decided to discontinue additional major releases of vCenter Lab Manager. Lab Manager 4 will continue to be supported in line with our General Support Policy through May 1st, 2013.

Note until support ends you can exchange your Lab Manger licenses for vCloud Director

As a customer of Lab Manager, we would like to offer you a special opportunity to leverage the scale and security of vCloud Director. Customers who are active on SnS may exchange their existing licenses of Lab Manager to licenses of vCloud Director at no additional cost. This exchange program is entirely optional and may be exercised anytime during Lab Manager’s General Support period.

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