Fisher Price of Storage Arrays (part2)

I found out today the hard way that Dell/Equallogic require you to have a Equallogic storage array under contract in order to get access to their support site. Not the Dell support site, the Equallogic site.

I have support logins for NetApp, HDS, EMC, IBM and Xiotech. The only array I actually own is an Equallogic, which is coincidentally the only array I can’t access the support site for. Nice.

Note that I work for an Equallogic partner. We sold ~10 last year and I think 3 so far this year, but I can’t actually support my clients w/o asking them for their login credentials to the Equallogic support site.

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  1. JoeSatDell says:

    Hi, it’s Joe with Dell EqualLogic.

    I can see that the product support for the PS5000 has expired. As you may be aware, the EqualLogic support site is only available to Support Contract holders.

    Did you get your support contract updated, so that you can login to our support website? If not, you can contact for additional information.


  2. JAndrews says:

    I have a PS6000 demo unit (4TB, one head) with an expired contract. My point is I can get all the manuals and support documents from a variety of storage vendors, the only vendor I can’t get any real documentation on is the only vendor whose product I own.

    A client asked about an Intel blade server with storage. I went to and got a whole ton of documentation on it to give to them. But the only thing I can give them from Equallogic is a pretty 2 page flyer.
    If a client calls me with a NetApp (or HDS or EMC or Xiotech or Intel or IBM) issue I can just go and research their issue. If a client calls with an Equallogic question I have to ask for their username and password to get into the Equallogic site – and explain why I as a partner and reseller don’t have any access to Equallogic support.

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