vDS out of sync

“The vNetwork Distributed Switch configuration on some hosts differed from that of the vCenter Server.”

If you see this message, don’t panic. Distributed switches are managed by vCenter, but there is a database copied to each host with information on the switch (very handy if vCenter goes down).

This database is synched every 5 minutes. Often when an entire environment is started, vCenter will report the above message on the summary page of the switch like so:

You may also see this on the hosts wizard for the switch:

This message is just an FYI and should go away after the first sync, you may need to refresh the view however.

I do not see a way to manually force a sync – if anyone knows of a way post below.

Thanks Danny! You have to be quick about it – the switch might resync and clear the option he mentions but still display the alarm – but here’s the manual (GUI) resync:

Here is the screen if you are not quick enough: (note the ! alarm still on the vDS)

Here is the screen if you catch it in time:

The task that pops up (no questions or pop-ups when to hit Rectify):

Note tho that it still took ~5 minutes for the alarm to clear from the vDS.

Thanks Danny for the note. Anyone got a command-line method?

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  1. Danny says:

    Not sure about previous versions but on vSphere 4.1 you can do the following:-

    * Login to vcenter
    * Click Home -> Inventory -> Networking
    * Click Hosts tab for relevant switch
    * Right click on un-synced Host and click on “Rectify vNetwork Distributed Switch Host”

    This worked for me!


  2. it does not work for me…i’ve just resolved removing/re-adding the host from the vDS.

    • JAndrews says:

      Have you opened a ticket with support? Remove/add seems a little extreme since it would affect all VMs on that host using that switch.

      Is traffic affected or do you just get that message?

    • Sprawl says:

      I also had to remove and readd the host, which meant a lot of vmotion to get the VMs off the host. I didn’t open a ticket because it is a dev whitebox.

  3. Thanks JAndrews!

    It works as expected for me!

  4. Sharat Sripada says:

    This didn’t work for me. Nor was I unable to remove the host from DVS. Instead, I powered off all the VMs on my host and restarted it. The host thereafter came back as ‘Up’!

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  6. Mike Brown says:

    Saw this today (just a few minutes ago). I knew I had read about it somewhere – found this article again after googling the message. By the time I re-read the post, the message had disappeared by the time I looked back at my environment. Thanks for the post!

  7. Vikas Srivastava says:

    This is awesome , thanks for the post !

  8. Nimit says:

    Thank you Giovanni Scipione,
    I remove and readd host from dvSwitch Out of sync message never show again.

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