VMworld 2011 Day 3: Pt 2

Started off the Day with Mythbusters. Lots of good information there, I made a few notes like don’t forget VMs and vApps at the same level of resource pools get treated as siblings for share ratios. Nice.

ESXTOP VSP1999 was amazing but I’ll need to watch the replay in slowmo to get it all. Wow.

Lots of questions after that one.

Partner show shots:



xsigo systems:


Partner Show spiffs:
Intel’s watches are killer
Silver Peak’s LED flashlight is my favorite
My 2-year old will love the Pivot slingshot pig
I can clothe a small country in black geek tshirts
The leather phone/card holders are pretty nifty

What was Mindshift thinking with that post-it-holder giveaway?
If you don’t have the budget to give 20,000 people something cool do like Wyse and hire a couple of cute girls to stand around the booth.

I tried to pigionhole a VMware guy about my perceptions of VSA’s shortcomings but it hasn’t happened yet.

As promised, shots from the HoL when they broke out a power lift to clean the fishtank:

I blew off all my afternoon sessions for networking and HoL. HoL has a few hiccups but it rocks! – and a FastPass is amazing!

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