VMWorld 2011 Day2

KeyNote (wow, any ThinApp app to any device via HTML5?) – Performance Metrics – Memory optimization – Lunch PowerCLI – HandsOnLabs – Partner Event – HandOnLabs

Busy day today, a lot more walking around than yesterday (VCI Day even had lunch outside the one room we were in all day). Had two back-to-back sessions up on the 4th floor … with 30min for lunch in the basement at the other end of the convention center. Gives new meaning to “power lunch.”
Spent 50min waiting for the labs, then spend 90min doing the lab and missed my Certification jumpstart seminar.

vkernel’s “top 20 metrics” (#SPO3980) was really good, tho of course could have been twice as long. They did have a handout tho (great idea) for those who couldn’t take notes fast enough. White paper they refer to can be found here (note that there is a balloon metric in vCenter but you have to increase the statistics level to see it.)

VMware and Kingston had a good presentation on Memory Performance (#VSP2447). I thought the highlight was Y.P. Chien from Kingstons quick slides at the end about choosing DIMM sizes/speeds to optimize performance now and in the future. Could have used more discussion like that for the physical side of the environment.

Lunch was fast but the cornbread was great (I took some with me for a late night HoL snack), then back upstairs for PowerCLIMan. That session plus HoL#14 will really overload your PowerShell buffer let me tell you. I can’t wait to get the slidedeck and recording (hope the recorded demos are available).

I blew off the rest of my schedule (some inadvertently) to hit the Hands-On-Labs. Excellent once again and worth the price of admission. While in line for the HoL the NetApp prize patrol tagged me for a $25 iTunes card for my NetApp hat and buttons. Thanks NetApp!

Nice fishtank too in the HoL.

Went to the partner vTweetup at the Wynn and met and talked to a few folks before heading back for more Hand-OnLabs where near the end a new lab was announced – Juggling your workload (Literally)

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