VMworld day3: Hands on Labs

Knowing that all the content (in theory, I have my doubts about recorded demos) will be available in a few weeks I’m tempted to blow off more of my sessions waiting for… er I mean working on Hands on Labs.
Even with a fast pass (thanks whoever it was that handed me one at 10pm last night) I am waiting for labs.

They are worth it tho. Hands-on creating a local cloud, adding to a public provider and transferring your workload? Done. Deploy vshield and test antivirus and secure information mining? Yes. SRM5 vSphere replication and array replication with scheduled and unscheduled failover plus fail-back? Sweeeeet. NetApp hands-on? Ok nothing new since I have that in my environment but I did get a nice button and qualified for a tv ;). PowerCLI waaaay more in depth in 100 min (ask for extended time!) than the 3-day vSphere Automation class? Check (and pass the Advil please)

HandsOnLabs remain the best feature of VMworld, tho I will give a close second to access to all recorded sessions.

Oops, about time to start the EMC lab…

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