CrashPlan vs Dropbox

I currently use two different apps to hold data in the “cloud”: CrashPlan+ for backups and DropBox so I can share my files with other people and access them easily from mobile devices. In other words, CrashPlan keeps my photos safe, Dropbox gets them to my mother and my iPad.

Now however, CrashPlan has just released a Mobile App allowing access from my iPad to any file I have backed up. Sweet. Doesn’t help sharing with Mom, but certainly makes me consider ditching Dropbox and their security woes.

Price comparisons
Dropbox : 50GB @ $99/yr
CrashPlan : unlimited space @ $50/yr (more if paid per month, less if paid for multiple years)

(both have free versions, I currently use free Dropbox and pay for Crashplan+ for online and local backups of 1.2TB)

The Crashplan app is definitely 1.0 as there are several bugs and it has crashed on me a few times. As an added bonus files such as .mp4 files can only be opened in … (wait for it) … Dropbox!

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2 Responses to CrashPlan vs Dropbox

  1. samir says:

    any update on your experience with this? i am at the same fork in the road, but with google drive plus 1.5 TB local files that need backup.

    • JAndrews says:

      Sure, I now have most of my family across the country leveraging my CrashPlan Family account to backup 1.8+ TB of data every 15 minutes. It’s already saved me massive headache when a local drive crashed. I also use the iPhone/iPad apps to grab stuff off my PC.

      I almost never use DropBox. Setting it up as a sharable resource between family members means it doesn’t have enough space and everyone needs to be very careful with how they are using it. If someone doesn’t use it for a month they need to be retrained on how it works. It’s a royal pain.

      I’m about to uninstall it from my PCs.

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