Reason number 25 not to use Drobo in a production environment

DroboElite’s have 4 options for “format type” NTFS (XP), NTFS (new than XP), Multi-Host and none.

Why those are considered “format type” is beyond me, but suffice to say you need one of the NTFS versions to connect the volume to a Windows host via iSCSI and multihost to use the volume in a VMware environment.

The catch comes when you want to bring that Windows box into VMware and want to turn the volume into “multihost” – you can’t. You have to copy the data off, destroy the volume and create a new one.

Any major (Equallogic, LeftHand, NetApp, EMC) vendor will let you set volumes/LUNs to multi-access on the fly.

And as I’ve said before, if you format the disk yourself using a different type you’ll toast the Drobo.

Someone save me from rinky dink storage providers. (course this particular client is now buying Equallogic from me, so maybe Drobo did me a favor)

Cheap Fast Reliable
Pick 2

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