NetApp FAS2xxx / FAS3xxx 2 NIC Ethernet scheme

The NetApp FAS2020 was a pretty popular array, it had a very low price point, came with a lot of software and could handle a decent workload. The main problem was the lack of connectivity, a problem shared with many other FAS boxes unless you added additional connectivity – an option not available to the FAS2020.

Here is a quick example of a FAS2020 configured for CIFS and iSCSI while keeping iSCSI traffic separate.

Create a VIF – one network interface NetApp spanning the two NICs for redundancy. The iSCSI switches are not a true “stack” so it is not a link aggregation – only one NIC can be used at a time.

vif create single vif e0a e0b

using that newly created (and creatively named) vif, create two “VLANs” for it. This lets us logically separate the management/CIFS traffic from iSCSI.
vlan create vif 1 2
now assign IPs, one to each VLAN on the vif
ifconfig vif-1 `hostname`-vif-1 netmask partner vif-1
ifconfig vif-2 `hostname`-vif-2 netmask mtusize 9000 partner vif-2

Now configure your switch to “trunk” VLANs 1 and 2 onto the two ports your 2020 head plugs into.
Then configure your VMware hosts to connect their iSCSI NICs to switch ports configured for VLAN2 and their VMs to connect to ports connected to VLAN1.
Make sure to connect your redundant switches together with multiple ports (LAG) and that both VLANs are carried on the LAG.

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