VCAP Test Track – VMworld live mock exam for VCAP5-DCA (Updated)

Latest word from VMworld is there will be a live-lab contest built to reproduce the VCAP5-DCA experience with a twist – contestants will be timed and prizes awarded.

If you’re thinking about taking the VCAP5-DCA and would like a free dry run – if you’d just like to test your mettle against your fellow VMworldians – or if you’re already a VCAP-DCA holder looking to score free stuff, head over to the Certification Lounge while at VMworld SF.
There will be several scenarios randomly assigned per day and different ones each day tho it sounds like each contestant will only get one timed scenario per day to qualify for the prizes.
Space is said to be limited, the Certification Lounge will be open 9-6 Mon-Thurs.

Update from questions asked:
>Is this a real test? If we pass we earn the VCAP-DCA?

In addition to the respect and admiration of their peers, constants will be competing against the clock to win as-yet-unannounced prizes – but I can guarantee one of the prizes will not be a VCAP5-DCA certification.

For those considering plunking down $200 for the VCAP5-DCA (noting that VMworld attendees get 50%-off certification exams through the end of November) this would be considered a free dry-run, complete with pressure to beat the clock.

>Where will the cert lounge be at ?
Marriott Marquis on 4th Street, on the 4th floor in room Pacific C.
(whatever that means, I’m told it’s right at Marcone)

>What is the time limit
15-20min max depending on the day. If you’re not done when the sand runs out you get the gong. (insert paper MCSE joke here)

>What are the scenarios? Do they follow the blueprint?
They are in the spirit of VCAP-DCA but there is no cross-authorship nor was the blueprint consulted.

Each day’s scenarios will have a common theme.

From the Certification Team:

Next week at VMworld in San Francisco don’t just drop your card in a fish bowl and hope for the best – come by the VMworld Certification Lounge and show off your vSphere talents for a chance to win cool prizes!

We’re running the VCAP Test Track each day to give you a chance to prove your stuff in a timed, live lab competition. You’ll get a one-question scenario that simulates the VCAP5-DCA exam, finish correctly within the allotted time and you’re in the running. Scenario topics will change daily, so make sure you come by every day to try your hand.

Scenario Schedule
• Monday – storage
• Tuesday – networking
• Wednesday – virtual machines
• Thursday – our choice

The VMworld Certification Lounge is located on the 4th floor of the Marriott Marquis in room Pacific C. Stop by between 9am and 6pm, Monday – Thursday to test your vSphere admin skills head-to-head against your fellow attendees and get a sneak peek at the hands-on live lab exams from VMware.

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