VMWorld VCAP Test Track wrap-up

The VCAP Test Track seemed to go over pretty well – about 85 different people took advantage of the opportunity to play with a replica of the VCAP-DCA5 environment complete with timed scenarios “in the spirit” of the real exam. Not bad for a 10+ minute experience that didn’t guarantee a prize and was a 10min-and-two-stop-light walk from the Expo floor.
While the overall pass rate was very low, the majority of participants either only had a VCP or were about to take their VCP. Those participants who already passed the DCA exam (4 or 5) or were preparing to take it had a pass rate around 90%.
The participants who got the most out of the experience stuck around to get detailed answers and examples and continued to run through other available scenarios. At least five individuals ran through all the available scenarios.

Hopefully Barcelona will get a chance to see the Test Track, perhaps it will also make appearances at VMUG conferences around the US.

See you on the Track…

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