vCloud Director 5.1 cell – change the database

Adding a cell to an existing deployment requires accessing the same database (and using the file from the initial install) but if you decide to make the second cell stand-alone or made a mistake during deployment or just want to migrate the database to a new server, here’s how you make the change:

edit the /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/etc/ file
change the serverip (could be IP or FQDN) and database name in this line:
database.jdbcUrl = jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://serverip:1433/databasename;socketTimeout=90

exit, stop the cell (service vmware-vcd stop) and run /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/bin/config again picking the defaults (you’ll need to remember your keystore path and password)

let it start the cell and voila!

Here’s a KB article on getting configure to prompt for all the DB info when it runs. To wit, blank the database.jbdcUrl=, database.username=, and database.password= lines in before running /bin/config.

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