New VCP-Cloud exam available for existing VCP-Cloud certification.

Got Cloud but not a VCP (now VCP5-DV)? VMware has just launched a new exam VCP-Cloud which (along with a qualifying class) will grant a candidate the status of VCP-Cloud.

There has been a VCP-IaaS exam out previously that was aimed at existing VCP holders to demonstrate their Cloud knowledge.

The new exam is aimed at new users who are dedicated to the vCLoud suite. If you examine the blueprint for VCP-Cloud and compare it to the VCP-IaaS and VCP5-DV blueprints you’ll see it looks like a joining of the two blueprint objectives lists – however reading through the first 8 sections of VCP-Cloud you’ll see much of the teeth from VCP5-DV have been removed, leaving the fundamental knowledge of vSphere needed by a VCP-Cloud candidate. The IaaS sections are mostly unchanged.

The VCP-CLoud exam covers vCD 5.1, and vSphere 5.x

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