VMware’s VCAP-CIA : live lab vCloud Director exam released

VMware updated their website today listing the availability of the VCAP-CIA exam. If you are familiar with the VCAP-DCA exam, this is the vCloud Director version. You will receive a series of questions (32 per the blueprint), remote access to a live environment to perform the tasks in and 210 minutes to complete the tasks. Check the blueprint for the complete list of exam objectives but note that vCenter Chargeback 2.5 is on there along with version 5.1 of the vCloud Suite.

The exam is priced at $400 in the US like all VCAP exams. Passing this exam will inherit the VCP-Cloud certification if you don’t already hold it. You need to hold VCP4/5 (VCP4-DCV/VCP5-DCV) or VCP-Cloud to get authorized for the VCAP-CIA exam.

Demonstrate your ability to actually manage a Cloud hands-on and not just answer multiple choice questions!

Head over to the CIA LinkedIn Group to discuss your study plans.

Get the blueprint.
Get authorized.
Get scheduled.

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