Show off your VMware Certification Status to the World!

VMware recently upgraded their site which among other things is used to track your VMware Education and Certification acheivements.

The coolest feature of the new site is the ability to generate a URL to share your Certification certificates with the world (read: prospective employers) like this.

To generate your own, login at, select My Transcript on the right and your certs will show up in a list like:



Click the Share icon and you’ll be presented with the URL (the one I linked above) which goes to a PDF of your certificate or a different URL which someone can use along with your cert number and the Authorization Code presented to verify your status.  I prefer the PDF but it’s cool either way.



Bonus feature:  Note the certification date listed on your certificate.  Now that exam-specific numbers have gone away (most weren’t accurate anyway) you now have very specific proof of how early you were in the program.

Next step: a chart from VMware showing exam launch dates!

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5 Responses to Show off your VMware Certification Status to the World!

  1. phizzicsmaster says:

    Awesome! Will this be retroactive? My last VMware cert was in 2010 (VCP4-DCV). I see it (and the previous ones) in my transcript, but I don’t have the option to get a URL.

  2. Very nice.. I like it… I need to see how to integrate that on my LinkedIn profile…

    • JAndrews says:

      If you figure something out let me know. You might need to save the PDF somewhere and then add that as a media link. Looks ugly tho. I haven’t tried embedding HTML code in a profile section yet.

  3. jayson says:

    the share option is not showing in myTranscript.

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