New VMware Certification Program

Today at VMworld VMware is launching a new certification family, reviving the “VCA” (VMware Certified Associate) line of certs to represent your knowledge of VMware products (as opposed to testing on abilities to use the products).  The exams don’t have required training but there is free online training available for them.

There will be VCA tracks for:

VCA-DCV = VMware Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals

VCA-Cloud = VMware Cloud Fundamentals

VCA-WM = VMware Workplace Mobility Fundamentals

VCA-NV = VMware Network Virtualization Fundamentals

The exams are available online and (in the US at least) cost $120.

You can find more info at

From the official FAQs:

If I have a VCP level certification, why would I pursue VCA?

VCA certification is a way to preview new technologies and begin to build your expanded virtualization knowledge base beyond your current area of focus.

What do I have to do to become a VCA? Are there any pre-requisites?

The only requirement for earning VCA certification is passing the relevant VCA exam. There is a free elearning course available that can help you prepare for each exam, but it is not required.

If I have a VCA level certification, do I still have to take the required course for the VCP level certification?

Yes. VCA certification does not change the requirements of the VCP level exams. You will still need to complete a qualifying course and pass the relevant exam.

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