VCP5-DCV updated for vSphere 5.5 (now 135 questions and two hours!)

After vSphere 5.1 was released the exam for the vSphere VCP-5DCV certification was modified to be “5.x agnostic.”  Which meant you could know only vSphere 5.0 or only 5.1 and still be able to answer any question on the exam.

For practical purposes this meant several components of the initial 5.0 exam were removed and others had significant detail removed.  For example, the initial VCP5-DCV exam covered VSA and Data Recovery appliance, when both had significant changes for 5.1 they were removed from the exam.

With the new exam covering 5.5 it is no longer “agnostic.”  If you are considering taking the new exam you should be specifically studying 5.5.  If you have taken a 5.0 or 5.1 course to qualify for the exam you should research all of the “What’s New” information that is out there, especially for 5.0-class attendees who will see the most difference, and will need to read over the “what’s new for 5.1” and “what’s new for 5.5” blogs.

The new 5.5 exam blueprint (ver 3.1 dated 1/6/14) the new exam has considerable coverage of:

Single-Sign On (mentioned in sections 1.2 and 1.5)
Web Client (mentioned in 1.2 and listed as a tool for every section)
Data Protection (all new 5.5, dedicated to VDP)
vCops (all new  7.3, dedicated to vCops)
vSphere Replication (mentioned several times in 5.5)
vFlash (mentioned in 5.3 several times)
hardware version 10 (not specifically in the blueprint, but to be expected)

No longer listed on the exam blueprint: Lab Manager.  Note that while vCloud Director isn’t mentioned it can probably be inferred from section 1.1 where Lab Manager was mentioned:

  • Identify the various data center solutions that interact with vSphere (Horizon, SRM, etc.)

Left off VCP5-DCV blueprint: vSAN, VSA

With the new topics the VCP5-DCV exam is now 135 questions and 120 minutes (up from 85 questions/ 90 minutes).  This bring it into alignment with the VCP-Desktop and VCP-Cloud exams which also clock at 135q/120min.

Which means where you had 1 min 3 seconds to answer each question on the old exam, you have 52 seconds to answer each question on the new exam.

Note that for a limited time when you sign up for the exam at PearsonVue’s website you will be presented with two options, the VCP510 (which is the 5.x “agnostic” exam at 85 questions and 90 minutes) and VCP550 (the 5.5 specific exam with 135 questions and 120 minutes).  Choose wisely!

Both exam post at VMware

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67 Responses to VCP5-DCV updated for vSphere 5.5 (now 135 questions and two hours!)

  1. Does this mean current VCP 5 holders will have to take VCP 5.5 exam to stay current without taking a course to qualify for the exam again?

    • VCP5-DCV is the current Data Center certification. Taking the 5.0, 5.x or 5.5 versions of the exam (and a class) grants the same cert. VMware does encourage existing VCP5-DCV holders to take the current version to demonstrate they are up-to-date (no, really. it’s in the FAQ) but it’s not a requirement.

  2. Hi Josh – any clues as to what “limited time” means for the co-existence of VCP510 and VCP550?

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  4. Jeremy Cooper says:

    I currently have the VCP510 scheduled for Feb 28. I just logged on and everything still appears to be in order. I hope nothing changes to make me study 5.5!

    • As mentioned in he last paragraph, VCP510 covers the areas 5.0 and 5.1 have in common. You need to register for VCP550 to get the new 5.5 content.

      • Jeremy Cooper says:

        Sorry, what I mean is that I hope VMware does not retire the VCP510 before my test date of February 28. I understood that 5.5 material is only covered on the VCP550 exam. Thank you for the quick response.

  5. sasa says:

    I have taken the VCP51 official training almost a year ago. Now I’m preparing for the exam. I was wandering if there is a deadline until I have to take the exam?

    • There is no deadline, but eventually the 5.x exams will not be offered at which time (if history is any judge) you’ll need to take a “What’s New” class to qualify for the next version of the exam.

      Note that the 4.x exam is still available.

      • Pete says:

        I believe this would be the case if you do not hold a VCP 3 or 4 certification, if you already hold a VCP 3 or 4 certification, you are no longer required to take a course. I posed this specific question to VMWare educational division and their response was as follows:

        “After reviewing your account we found that you are VCP4 certified.
        This means you are able to go directly to the VCP5-DCV exam without taking a course. If you pass you will gain/achieve VCP5-DCV certification.”

        I hope this information helps.

  6. balaji says:

    Hi… Recently I completed my VCP 5.x training and am planning to take the exams.. could you let me know the exam fee and also share if you have any discount voucher..

  7. The cost of the exam varies from country to country. Go to to find the local cost of the exam.

  8. Chris says:

    HI, beside the blueprint is there anmy guide to prepare for the VCP550 available yet?

  9. Anderson says:

    What about the people who have already done this? Do they need to renew?

  10. albertwt says:

    What about people with VCP-510 certification ? do they have to take the course in order to take the exam ?

  11. Mike says:

    I took the VCP-DCV class a month ago and I recently failed the test. Can I take the VCP510 exam and be certified?

    • Yes, per the blueprint you are required to take VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [v5.x] so if the class you took was 5.5, 5.1 or 5.0 you are good to take the VCP510 exam.
      Note, you might download the current VCP510 blueprint and keep a copy, in case it changes in the future.

  12. Mike says:

    The VCP 510 test is still (85 questions/ 90 minutes)?

  13. Mike says:


    Has the test for VCP 510 changed? This is what I got when trying to register for the test:

    VCP510: VMware Certified Professional 5 – Data Center Virtualization
    Price: 225.00
    Language: English
    Exam Length: 105 minutes

    I though the test was 90 minutes?

  14. Nishant says:

    Hello Josh ,

    I have taken vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage 5.1 training almost an year ago. Now I would like to take VCP5-DCV [VCP550] exam. Should I have to attend any classroom training for taking the new 5.5 exam ?

    Thank you


  15. sugan says:

    I studied 5.1 but i did’t write certification, now, do i can study 5.5 also and write VCP550 certification? need your advice.

  16. Atchi says:

    Hi Josh,

    I have done vCloud Director5.5 class room training recently and i do not have any VCP certificatons till now. I am eligible to take the VCD5.5 exam?
    If yes..Please share the fee details and how to proceed.

    Thank you inadvance.

  17. KZ says:

    I recall previously there was an upgrade to the cert from a previous version for a lesser cost, but that option would expire at some point.. does anyone know if that’s the case with the new 5.5?

  18. Dear Josh,
    I’ve been following the trailing chain of messages on the VCP5xx cert where your feedbacks are really appreciated for the community.

    Now in my case, I’m about to attempt the VCA-DCV and subsequently planning to attempt the VCPDCV550 cert. It’s fairly simple/straight like this or do I’ve to follow any training compulsory prerequisite prior registering for the VCP exam.

    Thanks in advance pl!


  19. Andrew Mills says:

    Hi , Where can i find a list of the accepted training facilities to do the vcp550 course? is it limited to Vmware official training facilities only or are there other external facilities other than Vmware itself

    • Find the class you want to take, then search by location to find a center that offers it. It has to be a VMware-authorized course with a “VMware Certified Instructor” to count for certification. Note that you can also take it online.

  20. Asif Pasha says:

    Hi Josh,

    The VCP-Cloud is not fetching any data on the VMware we have to skip VCP-Cloud and follow VCAP-CID…If yes will VCAP-CID be the first level of Certification in VMware Cloud?…Kindly advise

  21. deek wad says:

    what crap !! more vmwareout snake oil and money making scam ! don’t fall for it! people (their customers back office support and techies like you) made this product what it is and it’s the people who will reduce it to nothingness. And what about the continuous change and crappy beta and flakey not to be trusted half tested junk they are charging for lately.
    DON’T buy into it guys ..

  22. Jony says:

    Training course is mandatory for VCP 5.5 exam or not??

  23. Raj says:

    HI Josh,

    Am VCP 5. certified and planning for 5.5. However i see 6.0 is coming up soon.
    Also Vmware says our cert’s will expire in Feb unless we upgrade or re-certify.

    Not sure if i can do the certification on version 6.0 and quite confused what to do.

    Could you please guide me on this.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Your VCP certs will expire March 10 if you last passed an VCP-level exam more than 2 years ago.

      If your certs will expire March 10, or (more realistically) before June, I would do the VCP550D online delta exam to re-certify – or one of the other track VCP exams if you are knowledgeable in another area.

      It is doubtful the new exams will be out by March 10. Even if they were, unless you are very active in the vSphere 6 Beta program you will have a lot of studying to do to be ready for VCP6-DCV.

  24. John says:

    Hi Josh-
    I currently hold my VCP4-DCV, and have taken the “what’s new for 5.0” class, and had started to prepare for the VCP 510 exam. Now, I am a little confused as to what to do. With the deadline approaching, I am just about ready for the 5.0 exam however I don’t think I have the time to properly prepare for the 5.5 exam. But from what I am gathering, it doesn’t matter which exam/cert you get: 5.0, 5,1, or 5.5 – they all yield the same credential. Is this accurate, or is their a differentiation in identifying the certifications for the different versions?? (i.e. would I say I am VCP 5 certified, and if someone who passes the 5.5 exam, are they considered the same or are they considered 5.5 certified??

  25. BinniE says:

    Hi Josh,

    Thanks for all your time and help with the all the questions. Is there a
    significant difference in rgds to ‘studying’ for the 510 vs the 550? I have
    already engaged in studying for the 510, and i took the course for the 5.0
    (install, configure, manage). But now im stuck between possibly changing gears
    and studying for the 5.5 exam, or not?

    Also, can you direct me to any of the links for the 5.0 exam, 5.5 exam?

    Much Appreciated.

  26. Shine says:

    Hi Josh,
    I am new to VMWare certification and was planning to take VCP5-DCV [vSphere 5.5]. However, as vSphere 6.0 is out can I take vSphere 6.0 directly instead of vSphere 5.5

  27. Andrew Mills says:

    Vcp6-DCv exam is now only in Beta…. Would be easier to do the 5.5 exam and transition after

  28. Shine says:

    Thank you Josh and Andrew for quick response. It helped.
    I would take vSphere 6 training + Foundation Exam + VCP6-DCV exam as need some time to prepare well with hands on experience.

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