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Started on 11/12/2010, this is my 200th blog post.  I postponed a year-end summary of 2013 as I switched domains and hosts in September, which threw off the stats.  Hi JetPack!

In 2013 I averaged 304 views per day, with a total of 107507 for the year.  My biggest day was during VMworld ’13 SFO when I had 1555 hits in one day. Hi VCA exam announcement!

Top 5 countries in 2013 for visitors: US, UK, Germany, India, Canada.  Visitors clicked in from all over the world, including Vatican City.  Hi Pope Francis.

To date my blog has  210169 views, only a few of which were my mother.  Hi Mom!

Hopefully I’ll blog more in 2014, adding more Cloud, Desktop and virtualization info in general.  Hi VMware!

As always, if you have questions, suggestions or ideas on things I blog about or you think I might be interested in, send’em my way!

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