VCAP Test Track connection information

Updated for TT550.

Update: See how scoring works in TT

RDP to tt sostechblog com  (port and credentials will be provided individually).

For best performance download and use this RDP connection file which is set up for high latency connections (no audio, no clipboard, connection set to 56k modem, 15-bit color).


Once connected you will be on the desktop of the domain controller.  This is not a desktop you would have access to on the real DCA exam but fills in nicely for two desktops the DCA does provide access to:

For TestTrack510:
1) the intial blank desktop with nothing but a floating toolbar

2) the powerCLI vm which is a normal Windows VM with several tools installed incl PowerCLI

For TestTrack550:
1) the ControlCenter desktop with all of the tools

2) the Domain controller desktop you could RDP to but have no real need on the DCA550 exam

On the domain controller desktop you will find a link to the documentation (identical to the documentation set available on the DCA), and a selection of tools also just like the DCA:

1) vSphere Client

2) putty

3) PowerCLI

4) WinSCP

5) RDP

6) Firefox (TT550 only)

Unlike on the DCA510 you will find four extra folders labeled Set1, Set2, Set3, Set4 which contain the PDFs for the four scenarios in that set.  One scenario each covering Storage, Networking, Virtual Machines and Misc.  Each folder also contains a password.pdf which lists all the kit components, usernames/passwords and IP addresses in use on the kit.

Unlike on the DCA550 you will find a PDF on the desktop named “DCA550Scenarios.pdf” which contains the scenarios to attempt.  There is also a “scoring” folder full of powershell scripts to score the items. To use the scoring, right-click on the script matching the scenario you last completed and choose “Run with Powershell”

You will also find a “reset and reboot.cmd” which does exactly what it says.  Your kit will go down for approx 3min 30 seconds and will come backup as you originally found it.  Non-persistent disks rock! Note that for DCA550 it might take another 5minutes for everything (ok, the WebClient) to initialize.

In addition, the “shutdown.cmd” should be used when you are finished.   Every time a labtop is shutdown to save power, a vApp gets its wings.

There is also a “VCAP Test Track Information.txt” doc which contains mostly a recap of this info.

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