vCenter Replication 5.5 appliance configure

After the Replication appliance is deployed and powered on, (see my other post) it should automatically register itself with the vCenter Web Client.  If you don’t see it in the Home tab, log out and back in.


If you still don’t see it, access the Replication appliance configuration at http://<ip address>:5480 logging in as “root” with the password you specified during deployment.

On the configuration tab, click “Unregister from vCenter Server”


Note that the button remains “Unregister” to re-register use “Save and Restart Service.”

If you are following along in the documentation, on “Configure vSphere Replication Connections” it tells you to click Replication then Home then “Summary”  However, there is no “summary” tab there.


Instead, with the vCenter server selected hit “Manage” to get to the Target Sites list.



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