Welcome Back Button (VCAP5-DCD)

A couple weeks ago, Back returned.

First, a little Background. The VMware VCAP-xxD exams consist of multiple choice and graphical items. The graphical items are created in Adobe Flash and have a Visio(tm) look-and-feel. They are also sometimes temperamental.

When the VCAP5-DCD exam launched it was discovered that using the “Back” button to return to a previously worked on graphical item usually had a negative impact on the item. Either resetting it completely, scrambling the work or (worse) breaking things that were not apparent visually.

Shortly thereafter going “back” to any item was disabled including the “review all items” capability at the end of the exam.

This has caused some grumbling, especially when the DTD and CID exams launched with the ability to pull a MartyMcFly at any time.

Well, low and behold, a few weeks ago the functionality was returned to the DCD exam. You can now use the “Back” button to return to a previously item and/or use the “review” functionality to mark items to return to at the end of the exam.

Note that the exam is still 5.0/5.1 “agnostic” – a 5.5-specific version should launch “soon”

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