Improved VCAP DCA DTA score reporting

New processes are being finalized that should reduce the average time for a score report to be received to within a day for most candidates. If you meet the right criteria you could receive your score report in less than an hour.

Tips to a fast exam score:
Click the Finish button at the end. This is the only way to get an exam score in under an hour.
Management networking and required resources need to be up and available. Making major mistakes will increase the score time.
Don’t start the exam early (unless you click finish). The reporting window starts at the official start time.
Make sure your email address at Pearson is accurate when you register/schedule the exam.
Have a little luck. Health check and accuracy processes could delay some exams.

VCAP-CIA will see some improvements but the full process has not been implemented for CIA yet.

MyLearn will be updated with in a week of the email.

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