New NSX certifications and become a new VCP without a VMware class!! (*updated* *again*)

Note: In late December the VCP blueprints and webpages were updated to reflect that VCP-NV-by-CCNA will require a paid class before achieving a different VCP-level certification.
Note2: In early February the blueprints and webpages had their earlier updates removed. There has been no published word that I know of but apparently you can again go CCNA>VCP-NV>VCP-???

Newly announced this week are three new certifications around NSX: VCP-NV, VCIX-NV and VCDX-NV.

The VCP-NV exam is available immediately to anyone who holds any VCP-level cert, anyone who has taken the NSX-ICM ..

…Or until Feb 28 2015 January 31, 2016 anyone holding a current CCNA/CCNP certification…

So anyone who wants to enter the VMware VCP certification path doesn’t need a VMware class, just a Cisco certification.
I hope Cisco appreciates the gesture!

VCIX-NV has been announced but is not available. It will sit at the same “level” as the VCAPs and will be open to any VCP/VCAP or any current CCIE (who can take it w/o a class or VCP).

More at the VMware Certification Blog

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