New NSX certifications and become a new VCP without a VMware class!! (*updated* *again*)

Note: In late December the VCP blueprints and webpages were updated to reflect that VCP-NV-by-CCNA will require a paid class before achieving a different VCP-level certification.
Note2: In early February the blueprints and webpages had their earlier updates removed. There has been no published word that I know of but apparently you can again go CCNA>VCP-NV>VCP-???

Newly announced this week are three new certifications around NSX: VCP-NV, VCIX-NV and VCDX-NV.

The VCP-NV exam is available immediately to anyone who holds any VCP-level cert, anyone who has taken the NSX-ICM ..

…Or until Feb 28 2015 January 31, 2016 anyone holding a current CCNA/CCNP certification…

So anyone who wants to enter the VMware VCP certification path doesn’t need a VMware class, just a Cisco certification.
I hope Cisco appreciates the gesture!

VCIX-NV has been announced but is not available. It will sit at the same “level” as the VCAPs and will be open to any VCP/VCAP or any current CCIE (who can take it w/o a class or VCP).

More at the VMware Certification Blog

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  2. minasys says:

    where is the NSX material that i should study ?

  3. How to download the NSX for testing in my lab?

    • scpolzin says:

      Hi Rodrigo,

      I see this post is pretty old but for the benefit of anyone else who may be reading –

      Unless you work with a VMware partner who has the appropriate certifications to sell NSX I don’t believe it’s available to you to download, not even as a trial.

      A good friend of mine attended the NSX classroom training and then got access to download NSX but directly via and not through the “normal” VMware portal. I don’t know if this is normal.

      The question really is do you really want or need it? The HOL labs are excellent and that’s all I used to study for hands on for VCP-NV. I can’t praise the work these guys have done on HOL enough.

      1st I went by the script of the exercises but, as someone from VMware once commented on a presentation, there’s nothing to stop you going off script and playing with some command line troubleshooting, etc. or whatever you want to try. The only limit is you can’t control the physical environment so setting up new LAGs to physical switches etc. is not within your grasp. Maybe in future HOL they might come up with something?

      The problem is that to do anything with the actual software in your own lab you’ll likely need a lot of resources. I’m running the quite excellent autolab (Google it) under VMware Fusion on a Mac Mini quad core i7 with 16 GB ram. I was doing it on my Macbook Pro but it’s nice to just remote desktop into the machine and not take up the space on my local disk.

      I know where you’re coming from though. There’s nothing like having your own personal copy of the OVF, ISO or whatever it is that you’re after and in the past I would have agreed with you. Now I’m finding that unless VMware pulls the HOLs or starts charging for them I’m not sure I need my own lab, at least for a while anyway until I am far more knowledgeable than I am at this point in my VMware journey.

      My advice is to embrace the HOL and don’t look back. What could be more appropriate than learning virtualisation with VMware on a Cloud delivered platform built by VMware!



      Twitter: @steveplz

  4. mahesh says:

    what is the cost of the exam

  5. Amr kasrawy says:

    any guide for the exam

    • steveplz says:

      Hi Amr,

      There is a multitude of sites out there with so many resources you don’t need a “guide” if what you’re talking about is some such book, etc.

      I’m coming from the Cisco networking side and just passed the VCP-NV on 30th Jan 2015 so here’s my advice from the Cisco guy’s perspective and what my approach was. I scored 489 out of a possible 500 so I think I can safely say it worked for me and I learned a lot. Be aware I study hard and I aim to learn not get a cert via brain dumps and memorising answers for the sake of the letters.

      1. Go and look at this page.

      Scan around and check what’s available. Notice there’s a VMware practice exam link, community pages, and NOTE carefully “Request Exam Authorisation”

      This was my first VMware exam and I found that they are an entity in their own right on Pearson View. Although I already had a login for Cisco I had to create an entirely new account. Read all the instructions carefully. I didn’t do it but was warned that if you mess up with mismatching names etc. you’re in for some pain. Take it easy and follow my policy. Pain – BAD. Pleasure – GOOD.

      Download the official blueprint current version 1.2 and read through it. If you’re daunted and afraid like I was then don’t feel bad. Go to your happy place and hum for a bit.

      Be aware that you will be tested on versions of software that the links provided in the blueprint document provide. That is v6.0 not 6.1 of NSX and the old design guide document but don’t let that stop you downloading and reading the new design guide either. It’s not all new and many things are the same and may be explained differently or in a way that’s clearer for you. Just be aware what features are 6.1 as you should give the 6.0 answer to this version of the test. For example if you were asked about ECMP to the Edge router there are new features in 6.1 for both the DLR and the Edge VM. I’m not saying you will be asked and I don’t remember if I had any such questions. Sorry but I can’t divulge the contents of the exam as that’s a violation of the testing policy.

      1st the bad news is that it looks like there’s a veritable bookshelf of information you need to wade through to cover the material you’re supposed to know. In fact that’s a fairly accurate description depending on how big your bookshelf is. I use PDFs and ebooks so mine is tiny 😉

      Anyway don’t be daunted because here comes the good news yay 🙂

      Step 2.
      The good news is that you wanted to learn didn’t you? It doesn’t happen by osmosis so stop complaining and start reading! When my wife complains while studying her masters writing a thesis in some nonsense about European law, EU in various countries etc. which might as well be in another language to me. In fact it is in Czech and I’m Australian so it IS another language never mind the content issues. So I say to her if it was so easy then everyone would do it and it wouldn’t be challenging which is what she likes anyway. But lets face it who doesn’t enjoy a good therapeutic complaint session from time to time. Go ahead and vent. I’ll wait.

      The really good news is that there are many excellent sites by kind people that have documented their notes on the exam blueprint, the best of which I’ve seen is from Rich Dowling.

      Also vbrownbag series videos covering 8 out of the 9 sections of the blueprint at last look just now. 030215. I think there were about 3 or 4 when I started studying so maybe 9 will be out soon?

      #vBrownBag VCP-NV

      Have a look at Derek Seaman’s most excellent compilation of links – NSX Link-O-Rama

      vCAC and NSX.
      1st have a look at and read through

      Next watch the three videos from the links on that page.
      vCAC Automated Provisioning with VMware NSX Overview
      Managing Network Profiles for NSX Integration
      Preparing vCloud Automation Center for NSX Integration

      Now this one is a hidden gem! Treasure it and thank whatever god’s or spirit animals you may worship in your pagan rituals for Grant Orchard’s LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF VCAC. This shows you so clearly the interaction between vCAC and NSX and what’s created by you in NSX admin, etc. and what’s created on the fly by the network profiles, reservations, multi-machine blueprints you define for automatic deployment of multi tier apps from the catalog.

      This subject was the most challenging for me to get my head around and I only found Grant’s article late in my studies or I would have saved myself a LOT of speculation and headaches. Before looking at his black book watch the videos and then the BB will help you put it in perspective.

      I think you’ll want to save all of the above for future reference.

      Cheers Steve
      Twitter: @steveplz

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