Building a VCAP live exam lab environment (pt3) :: DCA550 environment

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This post is intended to help those building labs to study for the DCA550 exam. Note that each question lists the components required to complete that item.

The DCA550 exam is based on a vApp hosted by vCloud Director. While the vApp’s primary desktop is a Win2k8 R2 server named “ControlCenter” I would not recommend replicating that, rather use either your hosting machine’s desktop or the domain controler (pdc-sql) and just make sure Firefox, PowerCLI, Putty and WinSCP are on it.

The password for all accounts is vmware1!

There is one DNS/AD domain: dca.vclass.local

Four networks
172.20.10.x (main/management network)
172.20.11.x (other)
172.20.12.x (other)
172.20.13.x (NFS/iSCSI, other)

Five ESXi hosts (5.5.0 Build 1474528)

Two vCenter servers
vcs01 (with VUM)

One Windows 2k8 R2 server (AD/DNS/DHCP/NFS/NTP)
.93 on all networks and has four command prompts running ping on each network to ensure the vmnics on each host “find” networks.

One LeftHand appliance

One vCOPS appliance pair licensed for Foundation

One vCO appliance (5.5.1 Build 1617225)

several vMA appliances, one for an actual vMA platform, the rest for extra VMs

Note that only two hosts and one vCenter server is needed for practice, the extras are to ensure mistakes don’t end your exam.

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7 Responses to Building a VCAP live exam lab environment (pt3) :: DCA550 environment

  1. Manidhar says:

    esxi1 and vcenter server 2 having same ip ???

  2. Hariharan says:

    I have Intel 5160 processor and that does support Intel VT but not Intel EPT. I am getting error that I cannot run 64 bit nested VMs. Can I still do all the lab activities required for VCAP-DCA?

  3. Kashif says:

    For NFS 172.20.13.x network is used and NFS seems to be running on the Win 2k8 server which has only IP and no IP assigned from 13.x network. Could you please elaborate it. Thanks.

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