VCAP5-DCA (DCA550) environment

It’s late on Jan 31, the DCA510 exam is now dead – long live VCAP5-DCA!

In celebration (because, trust me if you are interested in becoming VCAP5-DCA certified you are much better off taking DCA550) I’m posting some DCA550 goodness.

I’ve listed some of the specs here before, as well as in the forums. A candidate pulled that into a Visio graphic and shared it with me, which got me to thinking – the management interface has a pretty nifty view I could edit a bit for clarity that might help those building lab environments to match. Plus while I’ve posted the DCA510 desktop before I don’t think I’ve put up the 550.

If only one last-octet is listed for a machine with several nics, all have that last octet (if the interface is configured).

Note that all of the VMs listed there are “top level” or “first virtualization” level. If you are building this nested (like on Workstation) these are the VMs in Workstation.

There are many more components to the exam environment incl replication and vMA but all of those run nested on the hosts you see in that diagram.


I’m working on a new Test Track environment to emulate DCA550 (DC and hosts created already). Hopefully it will done soon.

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