VCP/VCAP/VCIX upgrade to version 6 – no class needed.

Subtitled for VCAPs: Have both? Take either. Have one? Take the other.

Announced today, existing VCAP5 (VCAP5-DCA, VCAP5-DCD, VCAP-CIA, VCAP-CID, VCAP-DTA, VCAP-DTD) holders will be able to take one test to upgrade to the current VCIX in their chosen silo.

[Note: For version 6 “admin” is now “deploy”. The VCIX6-DCV admin exam will be the hands-on live lab v6 equivalent of VCAP5-DCA.]

If you only have one exam, say the admin exam VCAP-CIA, you need only take the design exam for VCIX6-CMA to gain the full VCIX6-CMA certification.

If you have both certifications in a silo, for example both VCAP-CIA and VCAP-CID, take either new (your choice) design or deploy exam to gain the new certification (VCIX6-CMA for our example).

VCAP-xxA + VCIX6-xxx design = VCIX6-xxx
VCAP-xxA + VCAP-xxD + VCIX6-xxx (design or deploy) = VCIX6-xxx

Existing VCP5-DCV holders will have a delta/migration exam to VCP6-DCV as first mentioned on the Education Blog. Unknown if it will be online or in person.

So, current VCP holders will need 1 test to update in a silo, and no class requirement.

Existing certs with no updated needed:
VCP-Network Virtualization

Interestingly left off the “no update list” VCIX-NV.

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