VCP/VCAP/VCIX upgrade to version 6 – no class needed.

Subtitled for VCAPs: Have both? Take either. Have one? Take the other.

Announced today, existing VCAP5 (VCAP5-DCA, VCAP5-DCD, VCAP-CIA, VCAP-CID, VCAP-DTA, VCAP-DTD) holders will be able to take one test to upgrade to the current VCIX in their chosen silo.

[Note: For version 6 “admin” is now “deploy”. The VCIX6-DCV admin exam will be the hands-on live lab v6 equivalent of VCAP5-DCA.]

If you only have one exam, say the admin exam VCAP-CIA, you need only take the design exam for VCIX6-CMA to gain the full VCIX6-CMA certification.

If you have both certifications in a silo, for example both VCAP-CIA and VCAP-CID, take either new (your choice) design or deploy exam to gain the new certification (VCIX6-CMA for our example).

VCAP-xxA + VCIX6-xxx design = VCIX6-xxx
VCAP-xxA + VCAP-xxD + VCIX6-xxx (design or deploy) = VCIX6-xxx

Existing VCP5-DCV holders will have a delta/migration exam to VCP6-DCV as first mentioned on the Education Blog. Unknown if it will be online or in person.

So, current VCP holders will need 1 test to update in a silo, and no class requirement.

Existing certs with no updated needed:
VCP-Network Virtualization

Interestingly left off the “no update list” VCIX-NV.

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23 Responses to VCP/VCAP/VCIX upgrade to version 6 – no class needed.

  1. Sameer says:

    As I understand it, the current vcix-nv exam is based on NSX 6.0.x, while the current release of NSX is only a 6.1.x, minor version upgrade, not major. That would be my guess as to why there is no update to the VCIX-NV

    • A guess? Because all VCIX certs have a design component except -NV

      • Sameer says:

        There may very well be a design component that just isn’t explicitly called that in the exam blueprint. I’m not taking the test until next week so I can only guess, but the NV track never had separate design / admin exams, it was one single exam to start.

        From a 50000 ft view, design in the NV sense would encompass a much broader scope than say DCV, something that I imagine would be very difficult to test in an automated fashion.

        Again these are my guesses looking from the outside in.

  2. Bill Lorenzo says:

    Do we know if updating VCAP5-DCA to VCIX6 will also update an underlying VCP5 to VCP6 or extend its valid to date?

  3. Saravanan says:

    I Finished VCP 5 , I need to upgrade to vcp 6 is possible to appear for the exam directly with classes .

  4. ikiris says:

    Based on the commentary on the vmware post referenced, it sounds like that if you have both DCA/DCD then you currently have to take the design to get VCIX 6 though it sounds like they are going to think about it.

    • Have both? Take either. Have one? Take the other.
      From the link.
      “If you hold either a VCAP Administration or Design certification, you will be given credit towards the corresponding VCIX6 requirement for that track, so you only need to take the other VCIX6 exam (the one that you have not earned).”

  5. PC says:

    Hello Guys,
    Can we do VCP550-DCV without attending a training….

  6. Jon Melia says:

    Hi Josh

    Is there a VCIX6-DCD Design workshop available yet that you are aware of… i understand this would cover the new stuff in the VCIX6 DCD 2 hour exam

  7. wojcieh says:

    Hello Josh,

    I have question about existing holders of 5.1 cert. What is upgrade path for them from VCP5 to VCP6? Is it simple delta from 5 to 6 or they have to take delta from 5.1 to 5.5 and then once again from 5.5 to 6?

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  9. Almir says:

    Im have the vcp 5.0. How im can get the vcp 6 exam!!?? Im can update without do a class.traineira?

    • When did you achieve VCP5-DCV? If it did not expire on May 8 then you can take the VCP6-DCV beta and if you pass you will be updated.

      If you VCP5-DCV expires before you pass another VCP-level exam then you will need to take a class again.

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  11. Jon Melia says:

    Hey Josh

    Have you heard when the VCIX-DCD beta will be available?

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