VCAP6-DCV Deploy public beta launched

[Update 6/16 with desktop screenshot]

The successor to the popular DCA550 exam went into public beta last week with with a staggered roll out starting in the US.
More info at the VMware pages

Key changes from the current VCAP5-DCA:
Hands-on-Labs interface with HTML5 console access instead of RDP-via-ActiveX
Available at many more sites
Network Performance test available if poor performance is reported
paste-into-kit available to scrape from the manual
can see manual (scenarios) and console at the same time
Can resize/relocate manual to fix candidate preference
Access to the consoles of all VMs – however function keys are disabled so you can’t log into most of them at this time.

Key points:
27 questions
4 hours no time extensions

Kit components:
Win2k12 for jumpbox/DC/NFS/etc
Win 2k12 for VUM
seven ESXi hosts (6.0.0)
two VCSA (6.0.0)
one iSCSI appliance
vVol appliance

Four networks
172.20.10.x management/primary
172.20.11.x “production a”
172.20.12.x vMotion
172.20.111.x “production b”


Tips and tricks:
Read the interface guide
Run through HandsOnLabs especially HOL-CHG-1695 and set your screen to 1024×768 to practice optimizing the environment.

Note that right-click, Control, Alt and Function keys are blocked in the exam so get used to menu options and other workarounds.
Use the Windows On-Screen Keyboard to get around these limitations:

Don’t skip around in the exam until you’ve attempted all of the questions. Note that skipping around is *far* easier with the new interface.
That said, skip the items you need the PDFs or html doc links until you’ve done the ones you know.

Good luck!!

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11 Responses to VCAP6-DCV Deploy public beta launched

  1. Thanks for sharing this…I’ve reposed it on the google + group, we have been in expectation…

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  3. Paul Luider says:

    When attempting to schedule it in Canada it says Exam not available for delivery. It would be nice for them to put just before the link “to request” where they are accepting requests from. I got the same message on the previous announcement of a beta exam. VMware please put the information up front on where you accept requests from.

  4. I couldnt take the exam until July 1st, whic is obviously past the deadline. Maybe the next round of betas.

  5. I attempted the Deploy beta exam last week. The interface is MUCH improved over the v5 DCA days. I wish I had more than a couple days to brush up (and practice with no Backspace key). Had a bit of a hiccup early on which wasted 35min which wasn’t awesome and added to my anxiety. But even with that snafu, it was a very enjoyable test and I loved some of the new “real world”-like scenarios.

  6. I tried to complete the exam today and could not because there was a strange echo of characters when I typed, so password would come out passwwoooordd, etc. Not only did this make things incredibly slow every time I had to correct a user name but getting passwords right was taking more than 10 minutes at a time, impossible.

    • did you try the drag and drop copy and past from the HOL interface into the console. This worked for me perfectly every-time. I didn’t have to type any usernames/pass

      • it didnt work when i tried it on the first exercise and after that I gave up. It took 10 full minutes for me to get logged in to the web client the first time. ridiculous.

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