Current VCIX6-NV/VCIX-NV exam environment

By request, out of fashion but still available, the VCIX-NV exam environment.

Win2k8 jumpbox/DC/NFS/etc
nine ESXi 5.5.0 hosts
one VCSA 5.5.0 appliance
– three compute clusters
– one management cluster
one iSCSI appliance
one NSX manager appliance 6.0.2

lots and lots (its complicated)

switch to the console and log into the web client as root/VMware1! before you start reading the first question as the initial login takes a little time.

Work the items in order. NSX has more items that tie together than the other exams and order is important.

Don’t wait for deployments. Make a note to check later and work on.

Make sure you are using the right IP and netmask. No, seriously.
Pro Tip: Using the same IP address as a host management VMkernel or NSX component is not a good idea.

Don’t do anything you are not asked to do or that isn’t required for the task.

Troubleshooting the environment:
If something doesn’t look or work properly in the browser, close all browser instances and try again.
If the browsers starts working slowly, close all browser instances and try again.
If you get errors from NSX Manager (like “internal error”) and the browser reset doesn’t fix it reboot the manager then the controllers.

Good luck!

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