Storage 3 (TestTrack unplugged series)

I’ll assume you read the first post in the series.

Storage 3
scenarioThings to note:

  • “created on the array in the future” = Don’t change PSP on any current LUN, just change the default for the array so new ones are RR.
  • “IP address is available for use.” = Hey, looks like we need to add an IP address somewhere.

Note also, this item was not updated for the DCA550 TestTrack and doesn’t have the “Requirements” section. You will also note the host named and IPs dont match. Otherwise it all works.

Step 1: Check networking




We can see that there is one vmk that can hit the iSCSI target and there is one additional NIC on the same subnet which is also where the spare IP address sits.

So, either make a new switch with the spare NIC, or add the NIC to vSwitch0. Then create the new vmk with the new IP. If you didn’t make a new switch, you’ll need to allocate only one NIC per vmk using the failover settings.

Step 2: Configure the NICs, vmks and then configure port binding.

(You’ll want to do it to both vmk ports)

Step 3: Configure the default PSP

Make sure you know which SATP is in use for the array:

Then set the PSP for that SATP:


Check your work:

I don’t have powercli for the first two handy but I’ll work on it.

Verify there are two port bindings for iSCSI for the host in question
Verify there are the correct number of paths for the LUNs in question

Verify the default PSP is set to RR for the SATP
$esxcli = Get-EsxCli -VMhost esxi02.dca.vclass.local
$switchlist = $ |where {$_.Name -eq "VMW_SATP_DEFAULT_AA"}
if ($switchlist.DefaultPSP -eq "VMW_PSP_RR") {$three = 1}

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