Networking 3 (TestTrack Unplugged Series)

I’ll assume you read the first post in the series.

Networking 3


Things to notice:

  • “Storage and vSphere management traffic will co-exist for the test.” = Enable Management traffic. This question was written before VSAN, that traffic type is not expected to be enabled.
  • “Storage traffic must support Jumbo frames” = Note that there are two places to set MTU: the switch and the vmkernel port.

Step 1: Make new switch, add hosts, set switch MTU
Step 2: Make new portgroup, add VLAN
Step 3: Add vmkernel ports with IPs, set MTU on both vmkernel ports

VLAN is set properly
$Vlans = get-vdportgroup | select Name, vdswitch, @{n="Vlan"; e={$_.vlanconfiguration.vlanid}}
If ($vlans | where {$_.vlan -eq 99}) {$one = 1}

host 02 is on the new switch?
$myVDSwitch = Get-VDSwitch
$HostNames = (Get-VMHost -DistributedSwitch $myVDSwitch) | % { $_.Name }
if ($HostNames -contains "esxi02.dca.vclass.local") {$two = 1 }

Is MTU set on the switch?
$ActivedvSwitch = Get-VMHostNetworkadapter | where { $_.IP -eq "" }
If ($ActivedvSwitch.mtu -ge 9000) { $three = 1 }

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