Miscellaneous 1 (TestTrack Unplugged)

I’ll assume you read the first post in the series or saw the list of all of the scenarios.

Miscellaneous 1

Things to note:

  • “Create a file . to set up the new . hosts . configuration matches . existing hosts.” = Ok, business need w/o a specific feature listed?
  • “new hosts will not receive any iSCSI configuration” = make sure no iSCSI config

Step 1: What did that mean?

So we need a file that can be used to easily set up new hosts with a config to match an existing host (minus iSCSI).

While one method might be to create a powershell script, VMware has a host-config function available – Host Profiles.

Step 2: Create a profile off an existing host

You can create a new profile off an existing host in Web Client under Rules and Profiles\Host Profiles

Pick a host and click finish.

Step 3: Edit the profile to remove iSCSI

If you didn’t set a name in the wizard the default is “Host Profile.” Use the Actions menu to Edit the Settings

uncheck iSCSI under Storage (you could also uncheck all of storage) and Next/Finish

Step 4: Export the profile to the desktop

Use the Actions menu again to export the edited profile to the desktop as a .vpf file.


Does an exported profile exist?
$found = dir "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\*.vpf"

Does the exported profile contain the iSCSI software initiator identifier?
$found = dir "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\*.vpf" | select-string "vmhba33"

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