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The VCAP/VCIX v6 Deploy exams consist of remote access into a live lab built on the same infrastructure an interface as the VMware Hands On Labs.

In the past I provided TestTrack as a remote hands-on simulator for the VCAP DCV/DCA Deploy exam.  While that environment was very representative of how the exams ran including scripted results, it was not a scaleable solution.

Introducing the SOSTechBlog VCAP/VCIX Exam Simulation Sample Questions Featuring VMware HandsOnLabs™ which consist of rewording existing HOL labs into a format that reflects how questions are phrased and structured on the exams.  This will provide a hands-on experience very similar to taking a Deploy exam and provide walk-throughs and explanations if needed.

Step 0: Create a (free) login at VMware HOL
Step 1: Open the first question for your chosen sample exam (see Question #1 list below).
Step 2: Enroll in the VMware HOL referenced for that question.
Step 3: Resize your screen to 1024×768 and close the HOL manual, leaving the current Question open in a separate window.
Step 4: Ensure any requirements are met (as stated in the Question).
Step 5: Perform the question to the best of your abilities.
Step 6: Refer to the HOL manual for the actual lab referenced for the question to verify your work.
Step 7: Repeat 5/6 for all Questions for that exam.
Step 8: Pass the real exam.
Step 9: Profit.

If you have an questions, comments or ideas for questions beyond what is covered in the HOL manuals use the contact form here or find me on Twitter.

VCIX6-NV Help Page (including links to the Questions)

VCAP6-DCV  Help Page (including links to the Questions)


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