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The VCAP/VCIX v6 Deploy exams consist of remote access into a live lab built on the same infrastructure an interface as the VMware Hands On Labs.

In the past I provided TestTrack as a remote hands-on simulator for the VCAP DCV/DCA Deploy exam.  While that environment was very representative of how the exams ran including scripted results, it was not a scaleable solution.

Introducing the SOSTechBlog VCAP/VCIX Exam Simulation Sample Questions Featuring VMware HandsOnLabs™ which consist of rewording existing HOL labs into a format that reflects how questions are phrased and structured on the exams.  This will provide a hands-on experience very similar to taking a Deploy exam and provide walk-throughs and explanations if needed.

Step 0: Create a (free) login at VMware HOL
Step 1: Open the first question for your chosen sample exam (see Question #1 list below).
Step 2: Enroll in the VMware HOL referenced for that question.
Step 3: Resize your screen to 1024×768 and close the HOL manual, leaving the current Question open in a separate window.
Step 4: Ensure any requirements are met (as stated in the Question).
Step 5: Perform the question to the best of your abilities.
Step 6: Refer to the HOL manual for the actual lab referenced for the question to verify your work.
Step 7: Repeat 5/6 for all Questions for that exam.
Step 8: Pass the real exam.
Step 9: Profit.

If you have an questions, comments or ideas for questions beyond what is covered in the HOL manuals use the contact form here or find me on Twitter.

VCIX6-NV Help Page (including links to the Questions)

VCAP6-DCV  Help Page (including links to the Questions)


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  1. Joshua, this is a really great resource, thank you for posting

  2. niktips says:

    This is a good resource for practising hands-on skills in preparation for the exam, but the HoLs referenced in practice questions no longer exist. So I’m wondering if anyone made an attempt to map these question to updated HoLs?

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