VCAP6-DCV Deploy Sample Question 10

Sample Question Intro
HOL: HOL-1810-01-SDC – Virtualization 101: Introduction to vSphere
Prerequisites: None
Lab: Module 3 :Introduction to vSphere Storage : Working with Virtual Machine Snapshots

Question 10

The VDI team has requested a virtual hardware change be captured on a virtual machine for deployment testing.


Credentials: Use Windows session authentication

Virtual Machine name: w12-core
Master snapshot name: Snapshot#1
Change snapshot name: Snapshot#2

Hardware change: 4096 MB Total RAM

1) Capture the hardware change as Snapshot#2

2) Make sure the virtual machine is running in its original configuration.

Spoiler Alert: This item requires you to perform a step not covered in the lab.

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4 Responses to VCAP6-DCV Deploy Sample Question 10

  1. Brian says:

    What’s the answer to this one?

  2. morti says:

    Hi, do you also have a page with the suggested solutions? For this one I would shutdown the VM and create the “Snapshot#1”, then I would change the RAM to 4GB, afterwards with the new configuration would create “Snapshot#2” and then revert VM to “Snapshot#1” and power if back on. So it will be running with the old conf of 2GB but the VDI team can deploy from the new “Snapshot#2” VMs with 4GB.

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