VCAP6-DCV Deploy Sample Question 11

Sample Question Intro
HOL: HOL-1706-SDC-3 – Security Concepts in the Software Defined Data Center
Prerequisites: None
Lab: Module 3 : Automating Password Complexity for ESXi Users.

Question 11

The Administration team has requested a PowerCLI script to update all ESXi hosts connected to a vCenter server with a specific local password policy.

vCenter Server: vcsa-01a.corp.local
vCenter Credentials: administrator@vsphere.local / VMware1!

New Powershell script: password.ps1

Password policy:
At least three character classes are required.
At least seven characters are required.
The user had three tries to set a password.

Create the powershell script on the desktop of the Main Console machine.

Note: The actual exam would not be this “open” – you would have much more structure to the question to make scoring easier. Perhaps being given some of the commands or a similar script to start with.

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