VCAP6-DCV Deploy Sample Question 3

Sample Question Intro
HOL: HOL-1810-01-SDC – Virtualization 101: Introduction to vSphere
Prerequisites: None
Lab: Module 1 : Introduction to Management With vCenter : Monitoring Events and Creating Alarms

Question 3

The Development team has requested changes to support their performance testing.


Credentials: Use Windows session Authentication

Host: esxi-01a-corp.local
Resource Pool: Resources

1) If a host has only 20% of CPU remaining, do not allow any additional virtual machines to power on to that host.
2) If a 1-vCPU virtual machine is waiting to be scheduled for more than 1.3% of the time then migrate the virtual machine to the Resources pool on esxi-01a-corp.local.

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4 Responses to VCAP6-DCV Deploy Sample Question 3

  1. Earl J Reed Jr says:

    How is the answer to question 1 achieved?

  2. Phil Cohen says:

    Hey Josh,
    Are we assuming 20,000 ms as 100% CPU Ready?

    • Depends on the time frame – for a CPU ready alert the time frame is 5 minutes or 300,000ms.

      Tho it looks like I got it wrong anyway. The question was a rephrasing of Module 1 from this guide,

      Which (for part 2) has you create a mostly-default VM CPU ready alarm. But the default triggers are 4000ms and 8000ms of 5 minutes and the default action kicks off when the alarm goes to critical. So 8000ms for 5 minutes (300000ms) or 2.5%.

      I should have specified: “Warning at 1.3% , critical at 2.5% with an action moving the VM at the critical warning” which would be just what the module had you do. The automated scoring would need to do the math, just in case you changed the default time period of 5 min.

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