VMware badges – 2017 edition (vROps / vSAN)

[Edit: Added time/#Qs to vSAN after someone tried it and responded to me]

VMware certification has announced a series of “badges” that existing VCPs can add to demonstrate knowledge in either vROps or vSAN.

vSAN was announced last week

Right now the portal claims the exams are only available during VMworld US (Aug 27-29). My guess would be the price will go up after VMworld with a new date range.

Key points:
VCP required
$250 for vSAN or $125 at VMworld
$125 for vROps until 8/29 then ??

  • (note: I was told vROps has a 40% discount for the next few months, but that is not reflected at checkout, so YMMV)

at a Pearson center for vSAN
online for vROps

vSAN time: 110min plus 30min time extension for ESL.
vSAN quesitons: 60

vROps: The number of questions and time allowed are not currently posted. if anyone pays the $125 and finds out please let me know!

Note that vSAN claims a “high score” is required to pass but generally

Prep Guides (with sample questions and outline)
VMware vRealize Operations 2017 Specialist

VMware vSAN 2017 Specialist

If you are interested in taking an exam just as expensive and time consuming as a VCP that only counts as a “badge” let me know in the comments.

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