VMware NSX-T Quick Hits

NSX-T(ransformers) is a multi-hypervisor (ESX/KVM) cousin of NSX-V.

Same SKU (if you own NSX-V 6.x, you own NSX-T 2.x).

One NSX-T Manager can have multiple vCenters as “Compute endpoints”

Standalone HTML5 client (not WebClient)

NSX-T Edges can be VMs or run on bare metal

Supports 8-way Edge ECMP but limited services on the Edge (vs V)

More/better BGP support/options/settings incl BFD

Uses Geneve instead of VXLAN for overlay due to extensible header

Protects cloud-native apps and container-level microsegmentation. The Google/Kubernetics project is protected by NSX-T

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