VMware on AWS Quick Hits

vSphere plus SDDC Manager (VMware Cloud Foundation) plus NSX-V hosted on bare-metal at   AWS.

VMware manages hardware account and bills you (separate from any AWS account you have)

4 nodes to start – each 2 socket/36 core, 512GB RAM, 10.7TB storage (all flash)

Scales to 16 nodes currently

Just US (east and west regions) for now.

NSX-V with two IPSec VPN tunnels (one mgmt one compute) back to your data center (not required, but intended as hybrid)

Likes NSX on your DC but works with many hardware vendors for an IPSec endpoint.

One ESG, one DLR.

AWS services provided via direct connect (from compute Edge via a ENI) or internet connectivity.

Can connect to a AWS VPC Endpoint.

Includes routing table updates when connecting direct to AWS networks.

Gives a whole new meaning to “It’s not the cloud – it’s just someone else’s computer”

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