Upgrading to 6.7: A problem occurred

Ran into an issue while updating one of my 6.5 vCenter servers, where it inexplicably reported:

A problem occurred while getting data from the source vCenter Server.

A quick peek at the installer log showed :

2019-11-23T21:32:47.402Z - info: Stream :: close
2019-11-23T21:32:47.402Z - info: Password not expired
2019-11-23T21:32:47.402Z - error: sourcePrecheck: error in getting source Info: ServerFaultCode: Failed to authenticate with the guest operating system using the supplied credentials.
2019-11-23T21:32:55.877Z - info: Log file was saved at: C:\installer-20191123-163017412.log

Which was interesting as I had to think about what guest OS the installer might need to log into. The I recalled some other issues I’ve had logging into vCenter – the root password likes to expire after a year.

Part of the fun – you can log into the console using root with no issues. it won’t report there is a problem unless you ask.

The chage -l root command will tell you the time since the last password change. And passwd of course will let you update your password.

While passwd complains about simple password, it will take a out anything. Here I reused the one that just expired.

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