Learn from home

<This was written in the time of the virus, so some resources are likely to be short-lived>

I’ve seen lots of links to free training, I’l trying to keep a running list. I’m focusing on formal stuff, especially stuff that normally costs.

Free PluralSight for April 2020 (programming and other tech)

And Codecademy is free for students right now

Udacity has a free month available

Know anyone that went to Purdue? Free online classes for alumni and benefits for friends.

Free Coursera Courses

Other Online training:

Learn anywhere with online training from Nutanix University

edX is always free

SalesForce Trailhead is always free

VMware Basic Learning Zone is free

And of course VMware Hands On Labs

Did you know GitHub had free training?

And there’s a free Python Course

AWS Training

GCP Training

Microsoft Training incl Powershell and Azure


Fender has 3 Free Months of lessons if you sign up before 4/20/20 (think that was deliberate?)

‘course JustinGuitar is always free

Scholastic has a 20-day free Learn at Home program

Free online College classes

Alison has free classes, or pay to upgrade to no-ads

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