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VMDK alignment (Free p2v / v2v)

Disk alignment is a known problem in virtual environments. Older guest OS (primarily Windows before 2008 tho *nix has the same issue) would start their partitions slightly off the boundary which could cause an increased amount of IOPS. You can … Continue reading

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Management Automation

PowerShell has been embraced by a variety of companies looking to manage their products from a command line. While VMware started out with a Perl-based script set, they quickly expanded to a PowerShell set of commandlets. The official VMware Automation … Continue reading

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What storage should I use? (was: FisherPrice of storage arrays)

The first SAN I worked on was an old Dell-branded EMC that Dell called the PowerVault 550 (=EMC AX100?). It had several interfaces that were all required to manage it, was complicated as hell and rock solid no matter what … Continue reading

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NetApp goes to 11

I was reading through the online documentation for NetApp filers (really, who doesn’t in their spare time?) and at the end of the doc page listing all of the options settings is this gem: BUGS A perfect appliance would need … Continue reading

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